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Preserve and Protect your Wooden Furniture by following these Simple Tips

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18 May 2022
Preserve and Protect your Wooden Furniture by following these Simple Tips

Preserve and Protect your Wooden Furniture by following these Simple Tips

With summer at its peak, the hot and humid climate has not only been troublesome for us, but it has also been troubling the wooden furniture of our houses as well. It is not an unusual thing, however, since the intense heat and sun rays, affect almost everything. The most common and visible effect on a piece of furniture left out in the open is a decrease in the vibrancy of its color. Humidity also plays a part in the damage caused so, the rapidly approaching monsoon season can be menacing for the quality of your wooden furniture. So, to keep all your furniture protected, follow these easy tips:

Keep the Moisture in Check

The upholstery and foam fitted within the furniture tend to absorb moisture from the walls. Over time, this can affect the quality of the wood, by weakening it. This is why it is always advised to place the furniture away from the walls.

Added to that, it is advised to open the blinds as well as the windows of the room during a sunny day to reduce the moisture and humidity present in the room. This can also help the furniture smell crisper after the moisture has dried out.

Use Moth Balls

Naphthalene balls, commonly known as mothballs, are great moisture absorbers. Place them alongside your clothes in the wardrobe cupboards. This will allow them to absorb any moisture from your clothes, leaving them smelling fresh while also protecting your cupboards from the moisture.

However, mothballs are toxic, so if you have children or pets within your house then using a natural alternative such as neem or clove would work just as fine.

Use a Humidifier/De-Humidifier

Humidifiers and De-Humidifiers are a great investment depending on the area you live in. They can help in reducing or increasing the level of humidity within the house, which can also help maintain the desired temperature within a room.

However, apart from helping the room become less “stuffy” they also help preserve the furniture. They do this by their ability to maintain the temperature while also helping the wood and the upholstery from absorbing any unnecessary moisture.

Avoid Wet Clothes

Storing/placing wet clothes anywhere can greatly damage your furniture since most of the moisture gets absorbed into the wood. Added to that, especially during the monsoon season, it is recommended to not use any wet cloth to clean your furniture either.

Use a dry cloth to clean your desk and cupboards and wipe away any dust or stains using an alcohol-based cleaning spray.

Use lacquer

Using a lacquer has multiple purposes, however, it majorly gives new life to your furniture. It can help seal the wood and prevent any uptake of moisture by it, while also increasing its longevity.

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